"...the project WHITE BOY SCREAM a.k.a. M. Tobin (one of few female voices in all this drone/industrial escapism) discomfort is not only a side-effect, but actually the desired result of listening in – for after the discomfort comes the calm respite of all the wandering."-Katherine Humphreys,KEXP


"LA-via-Seattle musician White Boy Scream (Micaela Tobin) combines drone tapestries with treated operatic vocals to generate unnerving pieces that accrue a fearsome intensity the longer they go."-The Stranger


"As White Boy Scream, Micaela Tobin's gorgeous, classically trained opera voice mutates into Auto-Tuned Satan, with hiccuping, reverberating synths beneath."-Brittnie Fuller


"White Boy Scream is a memorable name for a solo project (especially one by a woman—Micaela Tobin of Thousand Statues), and this Seattle musician's cryptic musique concrete–ish pieces, augmented by electronically warped chants, cast an unsettling spell, like a less drama-queeny Diamanda Galás"-Dave Segal